Want your child to try new foods without nagging?!

You don’t have to make separate meals, yell or bribe to get your child to eat. You can stop feeling like a failure because your kids won’t eat the food you cooked!

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I want easier mealtimes now!

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In under an hour, you'll get practical tips from a dietitian & fellow mom, so you can:

  • Say goodbye to separate meals. You will no longer need to be a short-order cook, as your family will all be able to enjoy the same meal!
  • Stop begging for bites. Your child will be more likely to try new foods – without you having to beg them!
  • Make sure your kids get the right nutrients, so you can stop worrying they will be hungry or not get enough to eat.

  • Get rid of fights over food and actually enjoy your family mealtimes.

Hi, I'm Jen

I believe raising happy, well-nourished eaters who have a healthy relationship with food doesn't have to be a battle.

I'm a Registered Dietitian and author and have been coaching parents of picky eaters for 18 years. I'm also the mom of three (including one former picky eater).

And I can't wait to help you help your kids learn to try new foods too!

What happened to other moms when they decided to work on picky eating with their families...


It (the pressure to get her to eat) created a ton of stress. Getting her to the table always involved crying and tears.

Just letting her take the lead....she started eating really well! She calmed down, I calmed down and meals started to be more fun.


My kids were so picky, I remember regularly crying at the dinner table.

It was the 'without tears' part that opened them up. They're eating a huge variety of foods now. We can go to restaurants and they'll actually eat the food I pay for!

What you'll get inside:

  • Learn 3 big mistakes that actually make picky eating worse - so you can stop making them.
  • The 4 proven steps I use to end picky eating that could work for you too.
  • Inspiring stories of how other moms have stopped being short-order cooks & taught their kids to try new foods!

I'm ready to make mealtimes easier!