Finally teach your older picky eater to try new foods!

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What is "Food Exploring?"

The Food Explorer model is a method of introducing new foods to desensitize your child to the new sight, smell, taste, and sound of the foods.

It's based on Dr. Kay Toomey's Sequential Oral Sensory model of food therapy for ages 6+. Your child can be a Food Explorer too - it's FUN!

Because I believe raising happy, well-nourished eaters who have a healthy relationship with food doesn't have to be a battle

My name is Jen, I'm a Registered Dietitian, author and have owned First Step Nutrition for 16 years. I'm also the mom of 3 (including 1 former picky eater!).

I can't wait to help your picky eater learn to try new foods too!


Encourage your child to explore new foods so you can have pleasant family mealtimes and finally end picky eating battles

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Watch this video if:

  • You’ve tried all the tricks: asking them to take a bite, explore or play with a food, making a game out of eating… you’ve done it all a million times. Nothing works. Your child still refuses to eat what’s served.
  • You’re still making multiple meals or the same three bland dishes over and over – the ones your picky eater likes. He controls the family meal plan.
  • Your child would rather starve, than eat the family meals.
  • Eating out or going to a friend’s house for meals is hard. You pack “safe” food for your child wherever they go.
  • You’re worried your picky eater is not getting the nutrition she needs.
You were hoping your child would outgrow the picky eating, but you’re tired of waiting.